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Graphology is the science of analysis and interpretation of a person’s personality using a sample of their handwriting.A qualified analyst takes into account various indicators found within a person’s handwriting. He or she will look at slant, size, spacing, pen pressure, use of margins, overall use of paper and various other individual traits that show up in every individual’s writing style.

There are many uses and applications for modern handwriting analysis.

Among the most important and relevant is in the assessment of potential employees or business partners.

Understanding yourself, your employees, your colleagues or even potential business partners can help can help set a firm foundation from the outset.

Because Graphology looks at the character of a person from a non-racial and non gender specific point of view, it is a perfect tool to use in the current diversity of work environments and employment practices.

Currently there are two known forms of handwriting analysis worldwide.

They are known as the German method or “Gestalt” and the French method known as “Trait Stroke”.

If one combines the two methods it gives a very clear picture of the personality of the candidate in question.

Some of the characteristics that may become apparent during in handwriting analysis are related to the following characteristics found in the personality of the candidate.

  • Motivating forces
  • Personal dynamics
  • Ego strength
  • Defences and controls
  • Intellectual style
  • Communication style
  • Interpersonal style
  • Work style
  • Sales style
  • Management style
  • And red flags or potential warning indicators

Handwriting analysis is widely used in Europe and is in fact taught at university level in Italy.

In the United States it is widely accepted as a hiring tool and more and more companies are using the services of certified handwriting analysts.

How does Graphology work?

Simply put, a thought is generated in the mind and follows neural pathways down the arm onto paper where it remains forever etched in ink.

Each thought process can be defined very accurately at the time of writing and is therefore extremely valuable in terms of interpretation later on.

Too often these days candidates arrive at employment agencies or for interviews with a CV that does not accurately reflect how they may or may not perform at a given job. Sometimes candidates may have the right qualifications on paper but lack the personality or inherent skills to perform a specific job at hand.

These mistakes can be very costly at the end of the end of the day as employment and labour relations acts are hard to get around once in place.

In this day and age of tight economic practices companies cannot afford costly mistakes that are going to impact bottom line profit.

Hiring the right person for the right job is critical in today’s economic climate. Companies need to ask questions such as the following before hiring a potential candidate.

Is this person going to be a burden or an asset for the company in the long run?

Are they going to add or subtract from a company social resources and value systems in terms of productivity or client liaison?

Are they going to enhance or destroy company image?

All of these and much more can be determined by conducting a simple handwriting analysis test beforehand using a certified handwriting analyst.

I often get asked what the advantage is of conducting tests used to define personality types in relation to employment offered using modern day psychometric tests.

The simplest answer to this is that handwriting and the analysis of handwriting is unique to each and every individual.

Most personality assessment tests are based on a general protocol of terms and are therefore not user specific defined. In other words most tests give a more or less generalized outcome in the analysis basing it on specific personality types broadly found among people.

Handwriting analyses is very personalized and individualized according to the specific sample at hand. It therefore portrays a far more personal assessment.

Handwriting analysis is also a perfect tool for gauging a person’s ability for promotion within a department in terms of suitability for such a position.

Apart from obtaining general information as stated above, the red flag indicators are a very important part of an analysis and companies should pay special heed to them. They can indicate amongst other things, the propensity for dishonest personality disorders such as work place bullies or even if a candidate is merely seeking the position to misuse company training and will perhaps fly off to a better position within another company at the drop of a hat.

Kindly therefore please contact me directly using my contact page.

Dr Brian Faul
Certified Handwriting Analyst
South Africa